Our Signature “Seyhorse” 200

Created as the signature cocktail for our location here in Seychelles. A unique blend of light rum, melon, passion fruit nectar and refreshing citrus. “Paradise in a glass”®

The Original Mai Tai 230

In 1944 Trader Vic concocted a rum drink and served it to a guest who, upon tasting it, said “Mai Tai Roa Ae!”…or “Out of this world!” in Tahitian. The Original Mai Tai® was made with lime, orgeat, rock candy, orange curaçao and aged rum. Today, the Mai Tai is the most famous rum drink in the world, and you can only get the Original here at Trader Vic’s.

Menehune Juice 175

A secret blend of Island rums and nectars. One sip and you may see a Menehune…

Pinky Gonzalez 200

An old friend of Señor Pico®. Made with tequila.

Potent Potions

Pirates, Buccaneers and Beachcombers never bandy their drinking. For them we offer:

 Barrels & Bowls

The ancient Polynesian’s ceremonial Luau drinks were served in festive communal bowls. We offer our interpretation:

Flavors From Beyond

“Taste the World®” with these drinks of medium strength, which to me are very delightful.

Coconut Concoctions
Snazzy Sippers

For those merry souls who seek and enjoy a really refreshing drink.

Happy Endings

Those special concoctions which complete a dinner:

Fireside Grogs

Hot grog has warmed the cockles of many a stout heart for hundreds of years. With this in mind we offer:

Traders To Be (Non-Alcoholic Drinks)

Many delicious drinks around the world are made without liqueurs and with delicate flavours. We offer the following:

No Tai Mai Tai 120

Our classic original adapted to perfection.


Coral Reef 120
Puerto Principe 120